The Travel Goods Association featured the Artphere brand on the front cover of their summer travel magazine highlighting new and innovative product designs for travel luggage.  In the fall holiday travel goods magazine, Artphere was also showcased in the article: “BUSINESS READY:  Today’s business travelers want the case they carry to seamlessly support their on-the-go work environment.”

Here is an excerpt from the independent review of Artphere’s Dulles Bloom bag:

“Designed for comfort, the Dulles Bloom Adria from Artphere is a mini backpack with a handbag silhouette featuring both tote handle and streamlined backpack shoulder harness for stylish and functional portability. The exceptionally efficient zipper-less clam-shell opening makes it sleek and sophisticated while adding a luxe touch. The pebble finish of this beautiful Italian leather small-framed bag elevates what is a ubiquitous fashion accessory to classic wardrobe staple.”


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