Fall/Winter 2023


For the individual who refuses to be merely a beast of burden. We're surrounded by things that weigh us down. It's time to choose a bag that lifts us up.

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Iconic is Only Your First Impression

Defined by its svelte silhouette, Dulles is the rare design that commands attention. For the classical dresser, Dulles is a standout piece that elevates an understated outfit. For the bold stylist, Dulles is the missing accessory that completes a conspicous look.

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Our Legacy of Quality

For centuries, one city has been the center of Japanese bag making: Toyooka. Since the invention of the kaban (かばん), a wicker basket with a revolutionary handle, our coastal city has been renown for the innovation of its designers and quality of its artisans.

Enduring Materials

In the rugged hills of Japan's north coast, nature demands superior craftsmanship. Whether they're made of genuine leather, kevlar, or next gen synthetics, our bags’ materials are chosen to exceed that environment.

Peerless Construction

Artphere's premium rigid aluminum frame guarantees that every bag's durability stands up to its styling. Our industry defining manufacturing processesand exacting standards are trusted by global luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton.

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