Dagga Sous LLC represents a unique relational journey among a collective of people with common interests and diverse expertise to bring forth to market and distribute unique and innovative products that are style disruptors while increasing the functionality and ease of life. Dagga Sous believes innovative Life-Style Products are interwoven into the story of humanity, as each one of us is beautifully living a unique story within a relational context. One of those unique Life-Style Products is the Artphere collection which is showcased on this site.

As the founder of Dagga Sous, I have experienced going fast and being alone but in this phase of my journey, I began to feel a overwhelming need to build a relational team around my conviction to “ live my best life.” The first challenge I faced was “creating space” for my dream to exist. It doesn’t take long to realize how difficult it is to create that space in an interconnected, highly programmable, information and data overloaded universe.

My new team started with a simple concept suggested from a close friend that seemed to fit me very well; “WhoWhatWayne.” By definition the name was a perfect lead in to who I was, what I wanted to do and the adventure I wanted to live. This was decided upon quickly and clearly pronounced through our introduction to my original website.

WhoWhatWayne.com is the exploration of Creative Catalyst and Brand Hunter, Wayne A. Headley. As a fashion pioneer who has directed fashion ventures for over 40 years, Wayne carries extensive experience in international imports, brand management, marketing, retail sales and event production. Wayne's latest endeavor involves introducing international brands into the North American market.

As my mother was so fond of saying to me as a young man, “The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.” My mother is a wise soul full of encouragement, wisdom and a powerful faith that has always been a reliable source of life to draw from. She modeled a steadfast resolve in her life and giving up under pressure was not an option for her. So when we discovered WhoWhatWayne overlapped part of our name with another brand, her words reverberated in my mind and it became obvious we had to find another way forward. That led to “Dagga Sous,” a name with a very personal family history and the only possible alternative for our little adventure, that now seemed impossible to do alone.


"If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together."
African Proverb


The internet offers us a level of opportunity that was almost unimaginable to previous generations. Technology has produced online platforms with catalytic environments for connecting individuals. People with common interests and creative giftings are drawn to places where they can share their discoveries without geographical restrictions or cultural barriers.  Attracted by a sense of adventure, entire networks have formed through burgeoning friendships and developed into full-fledged communities. If we discover the true value of deep relationships through the shared wisdom of our human experiences, we will all discover the secret sauce in life, and that is Dagga Sous.

Dagga Sous is a new term to many of you. It has both a literal definition and a deeper meaning to our immediate family. Dagga Sous is a made-up word introduced by my youngest daughter, to articulate the excitement she felt when discovering something new and so cool it could only be described as "Dope Sauce".  My oldest daughter believed it went beyond our North American context and translated it into another language based on both of their travel experiences while visiting a relative in South Africa. She encouraged us to make the term an even deeper part of our family vernacular by translating the term into Afrikaans... and thus, Dagga Sous was born. Dagga Sous: Dagga ("Dope", meaning ultra-Cool or awesome), ("Sous" pronounced sauce, refers to the “secret sauce,” created by pure joy, the rare or essential oil which can only be produced by meaningful relational connections rooted and grounded in love.

We believe Artphere is one of those unique stories that we look forward to unpacking and unfolding in this relational journey with you (whether a customer, boutique store owner or an inquisitor) along with other products, people and places that are creative influences or circumstances that inspire us to greater creativity in both life and style. We look forward to revealing the secret sauce behind Artphere which will bring a much greater value to the things we purchase or the experiences we enjoy on our relational journey through life.

Here are some ways you can join our adventure:

  • Introduce us to new platforms and your friends on social media or digital communities.

  • Send us an invitation to experience an event or visit a place you think we should go to where you have discovered something that is "Dagga Sous"... and would like us to share with others. You are free to suggest how or why our encounter can best be experienced, "in your opinion!"

  • HashTag #artphereus #daggasous and #whowhatwayne in great stories of people, places and things that impact you and your relationships with an equal or greater appetite for discovery and adventure.

  • If you purchase a product from our site, please tell us how you discovered it and the journey you take it on, to add to the story. Please document the different places it's been and how you use it to enrich your life or the life of others; use hashtags, photos and posts to share... but don’t forget to tag us! #artphereus #daggasous or #whowhatwayne so we can see and join in the journey.

  • Follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook Twitter and Tumblr @daggasous or any other relevant platform we’ve not listed here.

  • For more information, visit DaggaSous.com

This is your best life! I’m excited and honored to share some of the people, places and things that are making this my best life too. I hope you will join us in the adventure to find the secret sauce and our determination to share it with others. Let’s find, share and enjoy the stories of people, places or things that can only be described as Dagga Sous!

Wayne Headley, Founder